Covid-19 Marina Operation Update

As of today (1st June 2020) recreational boating will be permitted as part of the daily exercise and recreation away from home, but not for overnight accommodation. Therefore the lock gates will again become operational at 12:15pm today. Berth Holders must follow Welsh Government guidelines and only be accompanied by persons residing at the same address. ‘Staying Local’ rules apply and must be considered when deciding to travel to the marina.  


Berth Holders are reminded of the following advice regarding travel as announced by Welsh Government on Friday 28th May:

“To allow more outdoor activity we are also amending the requirement to ‘stay at home’ to one to ‘stay local’. This means that as long as you are within your local geographical area and are outside, you will no longer be subject to the numerous restrictions that apply today.

The same restrictions as now will apply when a person wants to travel outside their local area. We will provide guidance to help people to understand how to interpret ‘local’ in this context, using five miles as a guide but recognising this is a flexible concept which can vary depending on people’s circumstances.”


Many vessels within the marina will not have been used for a long time so we urge you to exercise caution and to ensure the vessel is safe to take to sea to minimise the need to call upon the emergency services. Please check the weather forecast before departing, ensure the engines and systems on board are in full working order before departing the marina and lifejackets and other safety equipment are functioning correctly.


In accordance with Welsh Government restrictions the marina office along with toilet and shower facilities will remain closed until conveniences are allowed to open and lockdown restrictions are further relaxed. Please ensure you maintain good hand hygiene whilst onsite and bring hand sanitiser with you to be used when opening and closing the marina access gate.


We will continue to monitor the guidance from Welsh Government and review our operation where necessary going forward.